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16/08PyramidsTalaea El Gaishov 1.51.40❔❔
16/08Mlada BolesavVarnsdorfov 2.51.30❔❔
16/08Rigas futbolaBFC Daugafplisov 1.51.20❔❔
16/08EupenClub Bruggeov 1.51.24❔❔
16/08Shangai SIPGShijianzhuangov 2.51.54❔❔
14/08Red star BelgradeSpartak Suboticaov 2.51.45Win
14/08RanheimOygarden FKov 1.51.12Win
15/08Royal CharleroiOostendeov 1.51.20lost
15/08RijekaHNK Sibenikov 2.51.54win

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